Charm is a Twitter companion app for iOS.

Organise Tweets into collections, save articles for later, cue up playlists of music you find, or transcribe conversations.

You can use it to tell stories, hold on to jokes, capture Tweetstorms and monologues. Charm has features to curate Tweets from events you’re watching, too.

Twitter is a non-stop glimpse into what’s happening in the world, and Charm is a tool that helps make sense of it, for yourself or to share with others.

Some examples:


Create Collections

Charm's purpose in life is to help you curate Tweets. Create new collections, and pick how Twitter will order the Tweets you add.

Curate Tweets

Once you've made a collection, add Tweets to it from any Twitter app! Twitter, Twitterrific, Tweetbot, the web… the Charm activity extension makes your collections available quickly, everywhere.

Share with the World

Once you've curated your Tweets, share them! Collections have permalinks on Twitter (like this), and Charm helps you Tweet them to your followers, or embed them anywhere on the web.

Handoff Support

Collections are a native Twitter feature, but they're not exposed. Using iOS and Mac OSX's handoff feature, Charm lets you easily open up a collection on your desktop.

Convenient Tweeting

If you're telling a story, or collecting Tweets from an event, you might want to add your own commentary. Charm includes a composer so you can Tweet and collect in one simple action.

A Twitter Feature

Collections are not exclusive to Charm. All the data is stored in your Twitter acccount, and the Collections API means you can also use these collections in other apps like Tweetbot and TweetDeck.

Website Updates


Charm is an app written by Ben Ward.

In 2006 I wrote Twitgit, which was one of the first client apps for Twitter, kind of. It's been a decade and I find myself doing a not dissimilar thing; I guess this whole Twitter thing might work out? These days, I work at Twitter, on Twitter Kit as part of Fabric.

For my entire career I've been a web developer, so Charm started as an exercise to learn Swift, iOS, Fabric and Twitter Kit. Charm makes substantial use of these tools. In the end it grew into something that seemed useful enough to share, making something out of a Twitter feature that I have a lot of love for.

If you've got any questions, bug reports, suggestions or feature requests, please Tweet to me @benward, or @collectcharm.

It's important to me to stress that this app is a personal passion project. It's not a promotion for Twitter's products (even the ones I work on, even though they're obviously really great.) It's also not endorsed by Twitter's product strategy (beyond “there's an API for this.”) So don't go making any bets, investment decisions, or news articles about what Twitter may or may not do in the future based on the opinions I have for my app. Unless it gets 300 million downloads or something. And even then…

Charm also doesn't use any secret internal features, nor does it have any elevated permissions. It's a normal app, written against Twitter's public REST API, that anyone could build. (And please, if somebody builds an Android version I'll be delighted!)

I really hope that Charm helps you do something new, fun, or useful. Thanks!